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Three Liens and a Closing

Different kinds of liens against the property and how they can be dealt with.

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Jilted Lovers

We joined the NC Modernist Homes organization awhile back and have really enjoyed it and the people we've met through it.   Sadly, though, most of its activities take place in the Raleigh/Durham area -- an hour to an hour and a half away.   For folks with a day job that makes it rough to fully participate. Thankfully the organization realized that and that there were enough likely members here in Fayetteville, NC to start a local chapter. We had our first "Thirst for Architecture" meeting at a local restaurant/brewery on Tuesday night, the 29th of November.  What a delightful bunch of folks!

Imagine our surprise to meet a lovely couple who had put in a very generous offer to purchase the home over three years ago, plus the realtor who was helping them do it!   (Frankly, we think the sellers were darn lucky to get such a good offer given the condition of the house at the time.)

And yes, they are still in love with the Fleishman House.  

And yes, they are sad they didn't get the house.

And no, they aren't mad because we're buying the house now.   They are happy it will be in good hands and restored back the way it should be.   That's the definition of true love -- caring more about the one you love more than yourself.  

They're a military couple and expect to be deployed elsewhere fairly soon.   But there's a good chance they'll be stationed here again and perhaps, if life is just, about the time we have the home fixed up and ready for sale.   We'll stay friends either way!

We haven't included their name on this entry because that would be rude without their permission.  Perhaps they'll write up an entry that covers what they love about the house!   Feel free to encourage them in your comments...

We buy the Fleishman House!

We buy the Fleishman House!

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