About Us

Group photo of Flipping Fayetteville team.
We're two families that share friendship, a neighborhood, a love of good architecture, art - and like to work with our hands.   We decided to work together to find and rehab architectural gems in our community and make them available to families that will treasure them.

We're standing in front of the Fleishman House a few weeks before we purchased the house to restore it.

Cast of Characters
Photo of Penny Buzzella

Penny Buzzella

Penny is a drill sergeant in the US Army Reserve and the mother of two absolutely darling little girls.   She enjoys baking bread and deserts and - equally important to her friends and neighbors - likes to share what she cooks!

Tony Buzzella

Tony is a musician in the US Army and an energetic "maker of things".   Tony enjoys crafting improvements, both functional and artistic, to the homes he works on.
Image of Rebecca Wendelken

Rebecca Wendelken

Rebecca is a history professor at Methodist University who specializes in Central Asia and the Middle East.   She is a talented weaver, painter, potter, costumer, glass artist and cook - and the only one of us who has ever been employed as a construction worker.

David Wendelken

David is the adopted dad of two clever and funny children adults and a software developer by trade.   He enjoys wood turning, making jewelry and pottery, and armored swordfighting.

Alicia Bailey

Alicia is one of David and Rebecca's children adults.  Alicia is our music DJ at the worksite and is a tough taskmaster on those early weekend mornings.  She wakes us up early to go to "the new house" and work - and stop for a sausage and biscuit on the way.  

Alicia has Down Syndrome.  Her calling in life is to unlock people's hearts and make them happy.